Closing Out

As school goes on and things start to shift from one person in charge to the next its weird to think that this college is almost over. There is a potential that in the next eight weeks I will not live in this city anymore and all of this will be left behind. At the same time I have so much invested in this school having spent the last four years here. I have found that things are now much more busy than they have ever been before and that what I had hope would have been a fun semester of school with my classes being mostly elective.

I have found that over the past couple of weeks that things are much more busy than I have ever thought that they would be. I now realize that I more than likely will not be able to keep up with this blog. I had hoped to be able to document myself going all the way through my last semester and into the professional world but that does not seem like it will happen. One of the biggest reasons for this is that I do not know if this is going to be my last semester as I am now trying to get into graduate school. Also I have found that I am not particularly good at writing blogs post as you can tell by my previous post and that I do not have the time to continue. My hope is to be able to look back on this process and be able to tell about it later but for now this will be my last post.


Challenges of Commitment

As groups begin to change I find myself competing with the frustrations of having a different level of commitment to the rest of the group. Now what I am talking about is related to the ultimate team. Since we lost our fields in the tornado we have had to switch around our practice times. When we switched to a time in the afternoon we had to many people have to miss practice because of class or work. So we looked for a time that we could all meet and the best one we could come up with was six in the morning.

I was excited to have morning practice it meant that we could meet more often and be more productive in our practices. So our first day of morning practice was Monday following our tournament in Starkville. We had only four people that could practice actually show up. Now it was raining that morning and we assumed that some people had just forgot so we decided to remind everyone that day and try again on Tuesday. When we showed up on Tuesday morning we only had picked up three more people and we had to make a decision about what we wanted to do. I was forced to leave them with the dilemma of finding away to getting their teammates out there or we would have to leave it behind.

This is such a frustrating time for me because I know that we could potential be a very good team if we can put in the work. Without the people being able to work I found myself have to take a step back because I am caring more than they do about where the team is going. Its time for there to be a collective push to make ourselves better or we will never improve.

Go Daddy Changing

The Go Daddy commercials have recently started to change since they were first debuted in 2005 during the Super Bowl. The advertisement that aired in 2005 was really sexually driven and did not provided a lot of information about the company. The campaign was maintained over the next several years with several of the commercials going viral and the name go daddy became very well known. The problem was that a lot of the audience did not know what go daddy actually did.

Recently I have begun to see go daddy change their message from just creating viral videos. They have established their name so that they can build on that base. This year’s Super Bowl Go Daddy created a commercial that was a mix of information and viral video origins. They decided to mix informational video with viral video. This seems to be a shift in the creative direction of Go Daddy. They have also started airing some commercials that are more about the companies that are about how the company can help.

The campaign shows a shift in the message and the target market of Go Daddy. There must be some reason for the shift in the direction of the campaign away from the viral videos that they had earlier. I wonder if they were unable to produce the shock value that they had created with their earlier ads. Their Super Bowl commercial from this year did receive a lot of negative feedback as it was considered to graphic.

Getting People to Notice

I have noticed some changes in the way that commercials are being made and in some cases how networks are airing their programs. This is because when it came to advertising in the not too distant past the way to go was always television. If you were a big company and could afford the production the best way to make sure that your message was seen was to put it in on television. Now with the live streaming of television on the Internet along with digital recording devices have made it harder for advertiser to get their message to reach their target audience.

So I have started to notice some things in commercials that are essentially the same old tricks reformatted. Now I am not saying these are bad ideas and most of them are coming from the creative side of the advertising industry. At the core of all these strategies is the goal to get people talking about it. The difference is that before the Internet was around to make things go viral, you had to play the same commercial over and over again until people are actually talking about it. Now with the Internet you can place an advertisement online and your target market will find you.

Now some of the benefits of the Internet are that you can create a commercial that make since to only be aired on television once but can be viewed multiple times online. The commercial that I think did this the best was Chrysler commercial during the super bowl a couple years back. The other creative way that I think networks like discovery are trying to use to stop DVR users is they show a clip of the show that is not exactly relevant but looks exactly like the show. Now I have done my homework to know if this is working or their intentions but stops me every time.

Being Apart of Something Bigger

Being a leader of a team you have to learn how to deal with a lot of different people and the high and lows they go through. Now I have been on teams for as long as I can remember not always ultimate but some kind of team. I love the team attitude the feeling of being part of something bigger than myself. I like having that group of dedicated people all working towards a common goal.

There are some big drawbacks to being on the team though when it comes to getting where you want to go. Now this weekend we had a chance to really have a strong showing. The first day we lost only two games that were both really close with only being three points away from perfect on the day. We had very hard fought games with everyone playing together on the same page and rallying around each other. We were able to operate just like a good team should supporting each other by picking up where other feel short.

There is always different ways to reach a goal and when you are on a team you have to compromise with the others in order to work together. Now for the ultimate team I have the advantage of being the decision maker. However I still have to listen to the team and factor in what they want into what we actually do. It is not easy to keep a team moving towards a goal in away that will keep people happy.

Got To Have More Cowbell

So the Ultimate team has a tournament again this weekend this time in Starkville called the Cowbell Classic. This tournament is important because this is an opportunity for us to play teams that we will have to play in the conference championship. This is another opportunity for us to make a better name for ourselves in the conference by beating teams.

This is our third tournament of the year and we have had relatively success compared to all the other years we have played. Our first tournament that we played in was at the University of Alabama and we made a strong statement by winning our pool that everyone thought we would lose. This really put us on the radar for the teams in conference that usually dismissed us as a team that did not have to be taken seriously.

Our second tournament was during Mardi Gras in Baton Rouge, Louisiana but it was slightly disappointing. The Mardi Gras tournament has been rained out one of its days for the past couple of years. That along with it being the same day as another major tournament meant that the quality of teams that usually were in attendance was much lower than expected. We still had a strong showing at the tournament with one very close disappointing lost to Mississippi State University. Now one up side to Mardi Gras tournament was that it meant that most of our team was out of town for the tornado. We are now going to Mississippi state to play and the biggest concern is that we have not been able to practice because the storm has taken away all of our field options.

Still Dealing With Storm Fallout

So it has been well over a week since the storm that produced a tornado that ripped through Hattiesburg hit. I wrote the post about how it affected my school but for the most part I have no right to complain about anything because I was not injured nor did I lose my home. This post is not about how my life is terrible since the storm it is about what the way the school has been functioning since then.

The first thing that I want to talk about is the school of music that had to bare the brunt of the damage because it was their builds that were destroyed. Now I am not a music major so most of the things that I know are from being told by my friends that are music majors or by the rumor mill. The university had classes resume for the university on the Thursday after the storm but with the music buildings damaged they did not have classes for the entire week. The entire program has since been displaced into temporary classrooms that are trailer in parking lot on the edge of campus. So they also have had to move some of their classes off campus.

The only affect that I have to deal with is that there was damage to the turf of the football stadium where we have our practice every week. This has meant for the Ultimate team we have had to move our practice around to other times and locations. This has just been a minor announce because we have a tournament that we have not been able to prepare for and is going to really hurt our performance. My hope is that we do not have to change our practice time because if we do will more than likely have it at 6am.